Wednesday, December 1, 2010- I Like To Get Drunk And Ride My Horse On Christmas Day

Monday, November 22, 2010- BIG NEWS!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010- Sailing Home To Arkansas

Monday, March 30, 2009- Drunker Than Satan EP (with 3 bonus tracks)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008- Horatio Lee Jenkins is gone

Wednesday, December 17, 2008- Interview with Horatio Lee Jenkins from The Charlatan!

Thursday, November 20, 2008- Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, September 9, 2008- The Brilliant New Anthem By The World's Most Potent Heterosexual!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008- Get Drunk As Sh!t...The Classy Way

Thursday, August 21, 2008- Live Video Of Horatio Lee Jenkins And His Band Performing Two Of Their Well Known Songs!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008- The Most Romantic Song Ever Made!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008- Glorious Photographs Of Horatio’s Glorious Band Members!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008- Carl Dangers has a wonderful song of his own!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008- Horatio's glorious reconciliation with his father!

Monday, June 30, 2008- The Whiskey Barn Symphony Orchestra

Tuesday, June 17, 2008- The story behind Horatio’s amazing new song!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008- Horatio graced the Whiskey Barn with his new masterpiece on Saturday night!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008- Rumors of a new Horatio Lee Jenkins song

Monday, April 21, 2008- The Amazing Music Video For Horatio’s Amazing Song!

Monday, April 14, 2008- The Whiskey Barn Choir

Sunday, April 6, 2008- More stuff written about Horatio and his amazing song

Monday, March 31, 2008- Criticisms of Horatio's work

Sunday, March 23, 2008- Horatio's Artist

Wednesday, January 02, 2008-
Horatio's story! (In his own glorious words!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Like To Get Drunk And Ride My Horse On Christmas Day

HELL YEAH!! Horatio is back with the new smash hit holiday single, "I Like To Get Drunk And Ride My Horse On Christmas Day". Listen to it from now until Christmas, and then every Christmastime for the rest of your life!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010


BIG NEWS! Horatio Lee Jenkins has returned home! Glorious details and glorious NEW MUSIC to come soon!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sailing Home To Arkansas

Me and Carl got a boat and we're sailing home to Arkansas! Big drinking! Hell Yeah!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Drunker Than Satan EP (with 3 bonus tracks)

Horatio Lee Jenkins is still gone. Deacon Fred has moved away too. I am sorry that I have no news about Horatio other than that his brother and sister say he is fine, having fun seeing the world, and probably not returning anytime soon.

We miss him a lot.

Just before Deacon Fred left, he, Jimmy Joe Dan, and Scarlet put together a wonderful collection of Horatio's glorious music. This CD contains:

1. Drunker Than Satan
2. Oh Sh!t I Don't Feel So Good
3. Girl, This Bed Is Too Big Without All 12 Of You
4. It's Okay To Be Gay

It also has 3 excellent bonus tracks performed by Horatio's family and friends:

5. Peacequake (by Big Drugs)
6. I Kick Ass Because I Hate Not Kicking Ass (by Scream Engine & The Carnage Caboose)
7. Horatio Lee Jenkins Is My Friend (by Carl Dangers)

You can purchase this wonderful CD here.


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Horatio Lee Jenkins is gone

I am sorry to report this, but it is true. I do not know where he went nor if he shall ever return.

The last time that I saw our glorious hero was about a month ago. We were all standing outside of Church after a wonderful service. Horatio mounted his glorious horse "Macho Pony" and shouted, "Bye! Bye, everyone! I had a real nice time drinking with you, but I got to go now! Bye!".

We were all a bit puzzled as we had never heard Horatio talk like this.

Reverend Boozenhower called to Horatio, "We'll see you at the Whiskey Barn next Saturday."

Horatio responded, "I won't be there, Reverend. My work here is done. BYE! I love y'all, but I got to go now! BYE! Drink responsibly! BYE, everyone, BYE!".

The women all began to cry and most of the men did too. I looked to Trafalgar and Scarlet for answers. They were not sobbing, but rather shaking their heads and rolling their eyes.

I pleaded, "Trafalgar, shall Horatio return?".

Trafalgar looked uncomfortable and said, "Deacon...hmm..uh...I don't know."

Looking for some reassurance, I asked Trafalgar, "WHY, Trafalgar, why is he leaving us?!?!?!?".

Trafalgar said, "Deacon, you're a great guy, but have you ever noticed that Horatio is a bit ...hmmm.... weird?".

I was perplexed and speechless.

Scarlet added, "Deacon, you're a sweetheart and we mean no offense. Horatio is a wonderful brother and he writes wonderful songs. We love him, but, seriously Deacon, you haven't noticed how ridiculously ...hmmm... weird Horatio is?".

We have not seen our beloved Horatio since that sad day. When worry overcomes us, Trafalgar and Scarlet simply remind us, "Horatio's tough. He out-drank Satan. He's fine."

Keep that wonderful sentiment in your heart and play his records when you need strength. I have enjoyed my time with you all, but presently there is nothing further to report. I believe Horatio may return someday. The world needs him and Horatio is not one to shirk responsibility.

We love you Horatio Lee Jenkins!

Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Interview with Horatio Lee Jenkins from The Charlatan!

The Charlatan (Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) e-mailed me some questions for Horatio Lee Jenkins. I printed them and brought them to him. His glorious answers appeared in last Thursday's edition. I have copied and pasted this glorious interview into this glorious blog entry.

Also, here is the glorious link to the story on the Charlatan website.

Enjoy this most uplifting and glorious interview!

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


A twisted take on country

The Charlatan's Elizabeth Aho interviewed musician Horatio Lee Jenkins through e-mail and got his take on romance, country music and what it means to be drunker than Satan.

by Elizabeth Aho

The Charlatan: What sort of things do you draw inspiration from in your songwriting?

Horatio Lee Jenkins: Here's what inspired my songs:
1. "Drunker Than Satan" is about out-drinking Satan and about how much Satan totally sucks.
2. "Oh Shit I Don't Feel So Good" is about feeling less awesome than normal because I drank a little too much.
3. "Girl, This Bed Is Too Big Without All 12 of You" is about being sad because one of my 12 awesome girlfriends was away for one night, but then being happy because another girlfriend brought over her sister and then being even happier because the next night I had 13 awesome girlfriends instead of 12.
4. "It's Okay To Be Gay" was written because I was mad that someone was mean to two of my friends just because my two friends were homosexuals. The good Lord didn't make us all the same and He wants us to be good to each other.

TC: Is "Drunker Than Satan" an autobiographical song?

HLJ: Hell yeah! I out-drank that sissy hellish ghoul. Satan is pathetic.

TC: Are any (or all) of your songs based on your own experiences?

HLJ: All of my songs are about stuff in my life.

TC: What do you hope to contribute to society and culture through your music?

HLJ: I hope to make both society and culture more awesome through my music!

TC: Is there a message that you hope Drunker Than Satan or other work of yours will resonate with future generations?

HLJ: Hell yeah, there is! Everyone should know how shitty Satan is. He sucks. My songs are about triumph in the face of adversity. My songs will help future generations kick ass.

TC: Do you see a timeless quality in your music?

HLJ: No my songs ain't timeless, they are all between two and five minutes long.

TC: What do you have to say to all those fans of depressing "emo" music today?

HLJ: Have a drink or five and smile because everything is going to be awesome.

TC: Have you ever written a heartbreaking country ballad?

HLJ: "Oh Shit I Don't Feel So Good" and "Girl, This Bed Is Too Big Without All 12 Of You" are probably the two most heartbreaking ballads ever written. But they tell inspiring stories and they are both uplifting as shit.

TC: Should everyone be listening to Drunker Than Satan?

HLJ: Hell yeah!

TC: If so, why?

HLJ: It'll make everyone happier.

TC: Do you think that fans of other music genres aside from country could get anything out of your new album?

HLJ: Hell yeah! Deacon Fred is always showing me messages he gets that say "I normally hate country, but I love Horatio Lee Jenkins!" Awesome music is awesome music. Genre don't matter. Like Mr. Ellington said, "There's only two kinds of music."

TC: What other artists would you compare yourself to?

HLJ: There's a lot of awesome music. I've spent my whole life studying the mathematical intricacies of Bach's fugues, the atonal elements of Stravinsky's symphonies, the harmonic and rhythmic innovations of Charlie Parker, and Dr. Dre's pioneering methods of composition and production, so I reckon that it's a bit ironic that these here songs that I wrote make their masterpieces look a little shitty.

TC: Would a live Horatio Lee Jenkins show likely result in crazy, drunken brawling, or heartfelt teachings on the evils of the devil?

HLJ: Ain't no one fighting at my shows. Everyone at my shows is happy as shit because it's awesome as shit to be at my shows.

TC: Anyone who looks closely at your MySpace page will get a grasp of your religious and political views.

HLJ: I ain't got no political views except for I don't think people should be shitheads to each other. I do have religious views. I am a Christian who believes Jesus was not joking when he commanded us to love each other and to be nonjudgmental.

TC: What is your take on love, women and relationships?

HLJ: All three are awesome!

TC: What kind of stamina do you need to get drunker than Satan?

HLJ: My kind.

TC: Your liquor of choice - is it really Jim Beam?

HLJ: Not anymore. I like the Wild Turkey 101 Whiskey a lot. I like a lot of liquor a lot.

TC: What's the hardest part about recording an album?

HLJ: Nothing. Recording is awesome.

TC: Do you enjoy playing live shows?

HLJ: I love it. It's awesome as shit.

TC: Would you ever consider going on tour and playing in Ottawa?

HLJ: My sister just showed me some pictures of Ottawa. It looks awesome. I ain't gonna tour until 2009, but, hell yeah, I'd play in Ottawa.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

It is time that I addressed some of the questions which I am frequently asked about Horatio Lee Jenkins and his music. Among the most commonly asked questions are "How did his band get together?", "What did they do before forming this band?", "Where has Horatio been all my life?", and "This shit's fucked up! Are you guys for real or is this just a load of bullshit?"

In December of 2007, Horatio Lee Jenkins out-drank Satan and wrote a world changing anthem about that amazing experience. He recorded this song, and some later works of genius, with his band which consists of the most talented musicians in the world! You all know this. Now, I will fill you in on some of their pre-2007 musical history.

Horatio Lee Jenkins was born and raised in rural Arkansas. He comes from an eccentric and fascinating family. He has one brother, Trafalgar, and one sister, Scarlet.

Trafalgar is the oldest sibling. He is two years older than Horatio and twenty-two years older than Scarlet. Trafalgar is a very talented musician and one of the finest custom canoe builders on the planet. He was a fine student, but in February of 1979, only months prior to graduating High School, Trafalgar dropped out. He set out to travel the world so that he could study canoe design and construction from the finest builders across the globe. He returned to Arkansas in 1996 and has since firmly established himself as a master canoe craftsman.

In 1977, at the age of 16, Trafalgar started a band with his friends Sammy Deutch (currently Horatio's drummer), Jeb Jacobs (currently Horatio's bassist), Jimmy Joe Dan (proprietor of Soaring Bald Eagle Studios), and Sally O'Brien. They played psychedelic folk rock and went by the name Big Drugs. They were quite popular regionally. "Peacequake" was the only recording they made before Trafalgar left them in February of 1979 and I have posted it on a myspace page that I created for them. I think it is a very nice song.

In 1989, 21 year old Solomon Thornbrush (currently Horatio's lead guitarist/pedal steel guitarist) started a heavy metal band called Scream Engine and the Carnage Caboose with drummer Hans De Leon and bassist Horatio Lee Jenkins. Over the next 18 years, they recorded hundreds of Solomon's compositions, some of which became underground sensations. Titles such as "I'll Smash You Now", "You Can't Smash Me", "Smash Attack", "Get Ready For A Smashing", and "I Bet That Hurt" may be familiar to you. I have posted their best known song, "I Kick Ass Because I Hate Not Kicking Ass!" on the myspace page that I created for them.

Carl is from out of town.

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith

Big Drugs' page:

Scream Engine and the Carnage Caboose's page:


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Brilliant New Anthem By The World's Most Potent Heterosexual!

Most of you know that the weekly gatherings at the Whiskey Barn are invitation only. They have not always been that way.

About 300 of Horatio's closest friends have attended the Whiskey Barn gatherings each Saturday for quite some time. As the popularity of "Drunker Than Satan" increased, more new people showed up each week.

Horatio's friends are a varied and diverse group of people and I believe that this came as quite a shock to some of the newer attendees. One Saturday, a group of newcomers noticed a couple of our friends holding hands. Apparently, the fact that this couple was homosexual angered the newcomers and they began to harass this couple. Horatio gloriously and promptly put an end to the harassment and made it clear that hatred was not welcome at the Whiskey Barn, unless "it's hatred of digitally recorded music and computers". The gatherings became invitation only after that sad night.

A few Sundays ago in Church, Horatio addressed our congregation, "I been thinking about that time at the Whiskey Barn that those guys were mean to Paul and Randy for being gay. It got me to thinking that there's just too much hatin' in the world and if anyone can stop the hatin' it's me because I'm Horatio Lee Jenkins and I'm awesome! I'm gonna play a new song at the Whiskey Barn next week that's gonna stop all the hatin' in the world for good!".

I believe this song has the power to do just that. Once the world hears this glorious anthem, hatred, itself, will become a thing of the past!

Horatio Lee Jenkins, the WORLD'S MOST POTENT HETEROSEXUAL, now brings us a new uplifting anthem of hope, acceptance, and unconditional Christian love:


To embed this version of the glorious video on your web page, copy and paste this code:


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get Drunk As Sh!t...The Classy Way


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Live Video Of Horatio Lee Jenkins And His Band Performing Two Of Their Well Known Songs!

Words cannot hope to capture the explosive power of the raging glory contained within this majestic motion picture!

For your own safety, please make certain that you are seated when watching this breathtaking film!

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith



To embed this version of the glorious video on your web page, copy and paste this code:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Most Romantic Song Ever Made!

Horatio Lee Jenkins' newest masterpiece "Girl, This Bed Is Too Big Without All 12 Of You" tells the story of a heart-wrenching night that he spent separated from one of his favorite lady friends and how he and his other lady friends persevered and found an inspirational solution to their dilemma.

I challenge you to listen to this work of genius without shedding tears. It is not possible!

Horatio Lee Jenkins has once again shown us that we can triumph over adversity!

You can purchase his amazing masterpiece here.

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Glorious Photographs Of Horatio’s Glorious Band Members!

Scarlet has been working on these amazing photographs of Horatio's band mates for quite some time. She has accurately and eloquently captured the essence of these artistic giants.

Scarlet O'Hara Lee Jenkins is a true genius! Enjoy!

Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith

(you can embed any of these in your personal website or MySpace page by copying and pasting the code below!)












Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carl Dangers has a wonderful song of his own!

Carl Dangers is Horatio Lee Jenkins' pianist and one of the kindest human beings that I have ever known. Carl recently wrote and recorded a wonderful tribute to Horatio called "Horatio Lee Jenkins Is My Friend" and Carl has posted it on his page.

Horatio was not involved with this recording, but all of the other members of his band were along with his siblings, Scarlet and Trafalgar. Scarlet did the art for the CD and, just like Horatio's masterworks, the song was recorded by Jimmy Joe Dan at Soaring Bald Eagle Studios.

Carl and the band performed this song as an opener to "Drunker Than Satan" last Saturday night at the Whiskey Barn. All of us who were in attendance agreed that this song is really nice. I believe Horatio was quite impressed because he shotgunned a 1.75 of the Wild Turkey 101 Whiskey during the performance.

After the song had ended, Horatio said to Carl, "Carl, that's a real nice song. You're a good man, Carl, but in the future when you perform that there tune, please don't look in my direction so much. It's kind of creepy and you're kind of creepy and that song is kind of creepy. Carl, I'm awesome!".

I was moved to tears by the eloquence of Horatio's glorious kindness.

What an amazing man!

Please go to Carl's page, listen to the song, and add him as a friend. He is a really nice person.

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Horatio’s glorious reconciliation with his father!

I neglected to include in my description of this site that Horatio's conflict with his father resolved quite quickly as they are both fine, admirable men. I will share the story with you, for I witnessed the dispute first hand.

Around 6 o'clock on a Saturday evening at the Whiskey Barn, Horatio's father, Napoleon III Lee Jenkins, approached Horatio and said, "Son, I just want you to know that I don't feel right masculine without my dual 3 gig processor home computer!".

Horatio responded, "Pops, I hate to do this, but you done asked for it! I promise I ain't got no 3 gig processors in my fists and my boots!"

The display of fisticuffs lasted but a few moments and then the evening went on as normal. Both Napoleon III and Horatio enjoyed Horatio's weekly rendition of "Drunker Than Satan".

The next morning following Church, Horatio approached his father and said, "Pops, I'm good and sorry that I done whooped up on ya last evening. I've been a thinking and I don't think computers are completely sh!tty."

Napoleon III responded, "Son, I'm good and proud of you. Nothing opens a man's eyes to the morning sun like a good ass whooping. I've been thinking too and, although computers aren't completely sh!tty, they are pretty sh!tty."

The two men continued to smile their impressive smiles and then said to each other in near perfect unison, "Hell yeah!".

Horatio then mounted his glorious horse, "Macho Pony", and rode off over the hill, not to be see again until the following Saturday when he made his triumphant return to the Whiskey Barn.

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Monday, June 30, 2008

The Whiskey Barn Symphony Orchestra

Horatio asked me to post the credits for his glorious new masterpiece so that his wonderful friends can receive their fair share of the praise for this amazing song's glory!

What a wonderful man!

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The story behind Horatio’s amazing new song!

You have all been mesmerized by Horatio Lee Jenkins' new work of genius "Oh Sh!t, I Don't Feel So Good" and now I am proud to give you the story behind this breathtaking masterpiece:

Horatio recently discovered that he preferred the flavor of the Wild Turkey 101 Whiskey to the Jim Beam Whiskey. The Wild Turkey has a considerably higher alcohol content than the Jim Beam. Horatio's first night with the Wild Turkey provided him with a new and powerful experience.

Horatio had a wonderful night at the Whiskey Barn that night and drank his normal amount of two 1.75 liter bottles of whiskey. According to the 6 ladies he was with, just after he finished the second bottle around 3 o'clock in the AM, he experienced a brief period of feeling less pleasant than normal.

The ladies were alerted to this fact when they noticed his ever present smile decrease slightly in size and then they heard Horatio utter the unthinkable, "Aw Sh!t, ladies. I don't feel so good." This was shocking, to say the least, as everyone knows that Horatio has NEVER not felt good in his life.

But in typically noble and heroic fashion, Horatio told the ladies, "Ladies, I apologize. I do believe my powers of pleasure may be slightly compromised at present, but I will continue to work toward your satisfaction."

After about 2 minutes, Horatio took a deep breath and his smile returned to its standard size. Horatio Lee Jenkins then said, "Hell, yeah!". The ordeal was over.

According to all six ladies, at no point during the 2 minutes of adversity, did they notice any drop in their levels of satisfaction. They all attest to the fact that Horatio maintained satiating all of them to a degree that no other man could dream of for the entire "12 hour lovin' session".

Like a great fighter who trains to go the distance, Horatio is now acclimated to the potency of the Wild Turkey 101 and it is unlikely that he will experience a sensation such as this again. But we are all oh so fortunate that he endured this ordeal and enriched our lives with another powerful, powerful, powerful masterpiece.

Purchase Horatio's wonderful work of genius here.

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Horatio graced the Whiskey Barn with his new masterpiece on Saturday night!

It was an overwhelming experience, to say the least. Horatio's band took the stage at 9 o'clock and played "Drunker Than Satan". After the subsiding of all the frantic joy that ensues with each performance of "Drunker Than Satan", Horatio's band was joined by approximately 30 more musicians. They brought a wide array of symphonic instruments to the stage.

I would be remiss even to attempt to describe this masterpiece. I can assure you that, at the conclusion of this new song, there was not a dry eye in the Whiskey Barn. Many members of the audience actually passed out due to the emotional exhaustion brought on by Horatio's genius.

It is irrefutable that Horatio has irrevocably redefined the concept of quality for the entire world.

As the musicians (all of whom were sobbing wildly, as well) began to leave the stage, Horatio announced that this would be the only live performance of this song due to its "devastating emotional impact".

After about an hour and a half, I was able to stop crying and I went to seek out Horatio. He was in a corner with about a dozen of his handsome, young lady friends, their beautiful faces were all stained with tears.

Horatio had his usual wide grin and greeted me in his standard way, "Hey Deacon! Have a drink! Deacon, I'M AWESOME!".

After agreeing whole-heartedly with his declaration of awesome-ness, I asked if he had anything to say about his new brilliant, masterpiece.

Horatio said, "Deacon, I've spent my whole life studying the mathematical intricacies of Bach's fugues, the a-tonal elements of Stravinsky's symphonies, the harmonic and rhythmic innovations of Charlie Parker, and Dr. Dre's pioneering methods of composition and production, so I reckon that it's a bit ironic that this here song that I wrote makes their masterpieces look a little sh!tty."

I then began to sob uncontrollably again. It is overwhelming to be in the presence of such a wise and eloquent man.

I will post his new masterpiece here once Jimmy Joe Dan completes a process known as "mixing". This song will enrich and uplift your life!

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rumors of a new Horatio Lee Jenkins song

It is likely that many of you have been hearing rumors of a new Horatio Lee Jenkins song. I felt that I needed to address those rumors publicly and Horatio authorized my request last Sunday.

Horatio does indeed have a new song and will very soon use it to make our world a better place!

I personally know very little about this song outside of these few facts that I will share with you.

Apparently, many of Horatio's attractive young lady friends are members of local college music ensembles. Many of these young ladies, equipped with various odd symphonic instruments, have been rehearsing with Horatio's band at the Whiskey Barn. These rehearsals last upwards of 20 hours and have been occurring daily for the last two weeks.

Rod's farm has been closed to visitors. I ran into Rod a few days ago. He told me that Horatio's new song is breathtaking and that the musicians leave each day with tears streaming down their face due to the emotional power of Horatio's composition.

Carl Dangers, Horatio's pianist, told me with tears in his eyes, "Deacon, Horatio's new song is going to f*cking blow your f*cking mind! Aw f*ck, Deacon, aw f*ck it's good!"

Jimmy Joe Dan, who owns and operates Soaring Bald Eagle Studio, was teary eyed when he told me, "Deacon, we lost a lot of equipment from water damage. Musicians kept crying and crying due to the devastating emotional power of Horatio's new song and their tears ruined microphones, mixing boards, and even my coffee maker."

Jimmy paused to regain his composure and said, "Deacon, it's all worth it! Even if there were so many tears that my studio got flooded the f*ck out and then caused some weird electrical phenomenon which made my studio blow the f*ck up, it'd still be worth it! Aw f*ck, Horatio's new song is priceless. Aw f*ck, Deacon, it's priceless as f*ck!".

Please keep in mind, no man is more adored than Horatio Lee Jenkins and Horatio violently disapproves of the cussing. For two of his closest friends to be moved to such an outburst of profanity, they must have been severely emotionally intoxicated to say the least. I shudder to think what power this song may contain.

Apparently through all of these emotional recording sessions and rehearsals Horatio Lee Jenkins never stopped smiling, singing, drinking, and telling everyone not to worry because "everything is going to be awesome!". He is such an amazing man!

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith



Monday, April 21, 2008

The Amazing Music Video For Horatio’s Amazing Song!

It is finally here. We have all eagerly awaited this video.

This breathtaking video was filmed, directed, and edited by Horatio's sister Scarlet O'Hara Lee Jenkins.

She filmed this masterpiece back in early March when we had that big snow storm and she has labored over it for many hours each day since. Scarlet finally finished it this morning.

Her hundreds of hours of work were most definitely worth it. This video is a glorious masterwork. The Lee Jenkins family is so talented! You should see the canoes that their brother Trafalgar Lee Jenkins builds. Once you have ridden in one of Trafalgar's canoes, all other canoes seem totally worthless. What a family!



To embed this version of the glorious video on your web page, copy and paste this code:


Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith


Monday, April 14, 2008

The Whiskey Barn Choir

Yesterday, Horatio gave me this wonderful message to post for you:

The beautiful choir vocals on my recording were provided by 300 of my wonderful friends at the Whiskey Barn. They were the first to comprehend the immensity of my accomplishment, so I reckoned that they should be given the opportunity to be part of this very important record. After we finished recording at Jimmy Joe Dan's Soaring Bald Eagle Studio, we brought the tape to the Whiskey Barn. I sat on the stage and hit play and let my friends sing along to my amazing song. Jimmy Joe Dan recorded their great singing. This song is so good.



Sunday, April 6, 2008

More stuff written about Horatio and his amazing song

Yesterday, Horatio dictated this wonderful message to me:

A local doctor, who will remain nameless, wrote this to a local newspaper:

"Dear Editor,

There has been much discussion in this paper and amongst my colleagues on campus about Mr. Horatio Jenkins and his popular song. Many students have been using this composition as a soundtrack to their parties in which they indulge in alcoholic beverages. Some fear that this song is encouraging these students to consume alcohol in excess and doing so under the pretense that excessive intake of alcohol is a morally correct behavior. These same critics fear that the mere fact that students enjoy this song is a sign of diminishing intelligence amongst our country’s youth.

I argue that these criticisms are sparked by prejudice against Mr. Jenkins’s lack of formal education. Mr. Jenkins is a voice for the disenfranchised. Many are outraged that Mr. Jenkins allegedly really believes that he bested Satan in a "drinking contest", but our folk songs and stories are filled with tales of the common man accomplishing the uncommon. Jenkins has provided our modern underprivileged class with a new tale of unexpected triumph and inspiration.

Mr. Jenkins’s composition has also been decried as being musically simplistic and unimaginative. I find that the composition demonstrates an exemplary knowledge of popular song structure and is more than sufficiently effective in obtaining its objective of being eminently memorable.

Horatio Jenkins is worthy of scholarly investigation and not derision. I welcome him as an advocate of the less fortunate and disenfranchised!

Dr. ______________
Department of Sociology"

What the hell kind of Doctor is this idiot? I think he should spend more time fixing sore throats and sissies who fall off horses, and less time talking about drinking and singing.

This letter is stupid as sh!t and here’s why:

1. This ain’t a folk song. I ain’t some sissy hippie. This a country song.

2. Disenfranchised? I never bought a franchise in my life, much less lost one. What an idiot.

3. He implies that America’s youth isn’t stupid. They’re stupid as sh!t, even the ones who listen to my song. Damned kids!

4. If a scholar comes to investigate me, I’m going to kick his ass!

Now here’s something from someone smart:

"Dear Mr. Lee Jenkins,

My buddies and I play your song every night when we’re drinking. Then we sing it, then we play it again and sing it more.

We play it the next morning when we’re drinking the Hair Of The Dog.

You’re f*%king awesome!

Your fan,
Johnny Lee Debussy"

I had to edit out the cuss word, because I don’t approve of the cussing. I’d like to punch Johnny in the mouth for cussing, but he’s a smart guy and I’m proud to have smart guys listening to my amazing song.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Criticisms of Horatio's work

Here is a brilliant new message from Horatio:

Recently my work has come under scrutiny from a couple of local college newspapers. I wish to address these scoundrels here.

A local kid, who will remain nameless for I do not wish to allow him to leach my fame, from a local college which will also remain nameless wrote this:

"There has recently been a lot of buzz on campus about Horatio Lee Jenkins and his song "Drunker Than Satan". A few of the less intelligent students on campus like to play this mindless anthem while they are getting wasted in their dorms. Some have told me that they have gone to see him perform the song in a local farmer’s barn, nicknamed "The Whiskey Barn". My friends and I decided to find this barn and watch this hick "perform".

The barn was packed with stupid looking people of all ages. They seem to think this Horatio Lee Jenkins is some sort of second coming of Elvis. He and his band hit the "stage" (hayloft) around 9:PM and the crowd was frenzied. Women tore their own shirts off (most of them shouldn’t have) and most of the crowd began pouring beer over their own heads!

The band played one song! Just "Drunker Than Satan" and the audience was thrilled. Apparently, that is the only song they ever play.

I approached Mr. Jenkins after he played and asked him if I could interview him for the school paper. He said he’d only do it if my friends and I could beat him in a drinking contest. He explained that he could out drink the 8 of us combined. He did. The last thing I remember was seeing 6 of my friends passed out and Jenkins screaming at my friend and I that we were not real men if we couldn’t finish shot 16.

We woke up 5 hours later because Jenkins began spraying us with a garden hose and telling us to send our mothers next time because "they’d be more fun".

This man is an idiot and so is anyone who listens to his stupid song."

There is much falseness in this here account.

1. The barn was actually packed with stupid looking people, some not stupid looking people, and livestock.

2. All, not most, of the crowd poured beer on themselves.

3. None of them college boys made it past drink 10.

4. I actually said, "Send your mothers BACK, they are more fun." There’s only two of the boys whose mothers have not visited my bed and that is only because some women are too big even for old Horatio.

Here’s the next criticism that I wish to address. This is from a different local college newspaper:

"Horatio Lee Jenkins is a joke. This man is an idiot who clearly believes that he actually out drank Satan. I’m certain some dumb goth kid stumbled into Horatio’s local tavern, pretended to be the devil, and then Horatio out drank him. How can someone be so stupid?

Plus the song is horrible. It is void of creativity and lacking in integrity."

1. I have not had sexual relations with this author’s mother although we had our first date a week ago. As a gentleman, I only have sex on the first date on special occasions and his mother is not that special. I’m seeing her again tonight.

2. The only reason he doesn’t believe that I out drank Satan is that he is jealous and knows he could never do something that important. That and he knows I’m dating his mother.

3. Creativity? Sh!t! I out-drank Satan!

4. Integrity? Sh!t! I out-drank Satan!

SH!T! These guys are stupid as Sh!t.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Horatio's Artist

Here is a new message from Horatio:

The artwork for my record and my video (that’s right! I got a video a coming!) was done by my sister Scarlet O’Hara Lee Jenkins. She is so good at being an artist that she received passing marks in two of the three art classes that she took in High School. She was good at High School too and became the first member of the Lee Jenkins family to get a diploma. It wasn’t just any diploma either, it was a special one called a GED. Our brother, Trafalgar Lee Jenkins, says that is short for "GED Damned Smart".



Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Horatio's story! (In his own glorious words!)

My name is Horatio Lee Jenkins and I have a wonderful story to tell. The Lord has blessed me with the ability to out-drink any man. I used that ability to do a great service for the good people of this world.

One day the devil himself challenged me to a drinking contest. The devil is a sissy and weakling. I taught him a lesson that night and then I wrote an amazing song about it. That song is called "Drunker Than Satan" and pretty soon the whole world will be singing the sh!t out of it!

My record will be released soon. Side 1 starts with "Drunker Than Satan" followed by 26 minutes of silence so as to allow the listener to sing "Drunker Than Satan" over and over without some stupid noise getting in the way. Side 2 contains nothing because who the sh!t wants to get off their ass to turn a record over.

Vinyl records are the right way to listen to music. The mpthrees and the CD's just aren't right. Also, we record on tape because the computers are for cheaters.

But I try to be a good Christian and as a Christian I must maintain an open mind. I have an important message in my amazing song that must be shared and because some of y'all have been victimized by the technologies, I must be willing to use alternative formats to spread my inspirational story.

As a result, you can obtain "Drunker Than Satan" on CD with its beautiful art for 5 dollars. You can also buy it through the I-tunes for 99 cents, but it don't have the pretty art.

Later this year, you will be able to purchase it the true American way; on a vinyl record, for only 20 dollars plus the shipping and handling.

©2010 Horatio Lee Jenkins