The great Horatio Lee Jenkins has returned!
And he brings with him an unforgettable new Christmas song:

I Like To Get Drunk And Ride My Horse On Christmas Day


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The purpose of this site and how it will be operated:

My name is Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith and I am a friend of Horatio Lee Jenkins and an elder in the church that we both attend.

Horatio is a wonderful man and who has amazing talents. He put those talents to good use by humiliating Satan and writing a beautiful, wonderful song about it. I decided that the internet should finally be used for something good and I set up this page to help spread his inspirational story and glorious songs.

Although Horatio believes that computers are for "sissies" and he is often heard saying, "My grand-dad didn't need a computer to be a man and neither do I!", he has given my efforts his approval because he understands the need to spread his very important work.

This is most gracious of him because we all remember the shame that Horatio's father brought upon the Lee Jenkins' family when he decided that he DID need a computer to be a man. Horatio not only proved his father wrong by savagely beating him without the aid of a computer, but also by out-drinking the devil himself (also without computer aid) and nothing could be more manly than that. Those heroic acts combined with the beautiful songs that Horatio wrote have fully redeemed his family name and enhanced its glory to previously unheard of levels.

As we all know, there has been a lot of talk about Horatio lately, and not all of it has been nice. The devil is a poor loser and, undoubtedly, his nefarious influence is the only reason anyone would not adore Horatio and his songs. This page will help us to shine the light of truth upon the devil's foul work.

Horatio is not personally involved with this page. If you wish to send him a message, I will pass it along to him as long as it is not stupid. Horatio is an important and busy man. I will not do the devil's work and waste his time.

From time to time, Horatio has dictated important messages to me, which I post here for him.

Spread the word about how Horatio Lee Jenkins and his glorious songs made our world a much better place.

Thank you,
Deacon Frederick Leroy Elroy Smith

Horatio Lee Jenkins - "It's Okay To Be Gay"

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